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  • Powerful relaxant

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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Reduces Drug Relapses

cbd moscow muleshoe oil in buy



  • cbd moscow muleshoe oil in buy
  • The Best CBD Oil For All Users
  • CBD Oil (Hemp)
  • Organically sourced cannabinoid CBD oil with unsurpassed potency and consistency. Our ultimate goal is to help people and their loved ones live a happier and. oil products on the market. If you're looking for a reliable source for CBD oil online, you've come to the right place. Shop CBD Oil. Showing all 6 results. Dec 5, In these states (and D.C.), simply go to a dispensary and you will be able to purchase CBD oil legally - provided you are 18 or over.

    cbd moscow muleshoe oil in buy

    People everywhere will buy CBD oil right now because they have realized its potential and what it can do. However, we want to make sure you understand three things before you buy CBD oil. First of all, and this is for the new users, you need to understand the plant from which the oil is derived from. There are two types of plants that originate from one Cannabis species.

    These are the hemp and marijuana plants. Understanding the difference between hemp and marijuana affect the body differently on the other side of your dose, which is why you need to know which is which. This will not make you high. If you are one of those people, there are still options out there for you, like our full spectrum CBD isolate gummies , which do not carry any THC at all. Regardless of what you read online, not all CBD extraction methods are safe. But this is still important.

    While there are several ways to extract cannabidiol from the cannabis plant, each come with their own positive and negative effects. The two most commonly used extraction methods are CO2 and ethanol. For instance, the CO2 method uses high pressure carbon dioxide and really cold temperatures to get the desired results for extraction. This maintains the purity of the extraction process and preserves the potency of the CBD oil. Make sure your vendor uses a safe solvent and an extraction method which has been verified and proven over time.

    You have the right to know everything about your product before you purchase it. The books aren't the property of an indi- vidual, they belong to all patrons of the library. Likewise, a person who finishes read- ing a book in three days shouldn't dilly- dally until the day the book is due before returning it.

    Perhaps a volume is needed by a student who has delayed too long in writing a theme, yet there's no excuse for taking a volume without permission.

    Falls residents who are involved In spring housecleaning might find some Ot the books missing from shelves at the libMry. A handy way of returning such. Oregon's three federal Judges — Ous J. Kilkenny- all favored the relaxation of the ban on pho- tographing ceremonial occasions In the federal court.

    They won approval ot a resolution to that effect In the Judicial conference of the ninth cir- cuit But the national conference, under. Instruments In the enforcement of the mandate locally, although they are not wholly in accord with It, This does not mean, however, that the public and the press should accept the federal court- house restrictions here or anyplace else.

    In pur understanding that practice dif- fers in the several circuits as well as ainuug. Much depends on the various local Ju- dicial interpretations of "environs" and on the aggressiveness of newspapers and broadcasters in fulfilling their duty to cover the publlo busi- ness.

    The Oregonlan will continue to oppose in every reasonable manner possible this Judicial usurpa tlon of authority. Our position Is that the busi- ness of the federal courts Is the public's business and not that solely of a Judicial system that may set and pass upon Its own rules. If a newspaper photographer can be barred from public ceremonies wthout Just cause, a re- porter, too.

    The people could, by tacit acceptance of the situation, lose their courts to the Judicial bureaucracy. Blackpool Mayor Louis Haller advocated com- plete Information on city government through the press.

    He said the only certain line of communi- cations to the public Is the news media and urged delegates to "keep that line open. Its value and lu cost" Haller emphasized. He pointed out that city government can operate effectively only when the public Is fully Informed.

    He said this allows the officials to speak freely and frankly In their attempts to form opinions. However, he stressed the import- ance of making aU official decisions In open meetings and warned against overdoing the closed sessions. As a taxpayer, t think I'm en- titled to know the condition of our municipal golf course. Obviously, it would be rather expensive if I had to pay greens fees everytime I went out to in- spect the course. So I think I should have a free pass.

    Of course, I would promise not to take my golf clubs more than four times a week on these in- spection tours. Under these cir- cumstances, do you think the city fathers would give me a pass? But now Johnson has an- other and he's working It over- time. He keeps saying he Is try- ing to be the Presldelnt of all the people.

    Jaaaa Harlow He used this at a news con- ference with reporters and vis- iting editors, again the next day at a. Whlte House meeting with the same editors, and again the following day at another news conference. This Is the kind of phrase that creates a father Image of the President, a sort of shepherd of all political flocks and strays, and enables htm to appear above mere party conflicts.

    It woUld be a happy position for a Democratic politician like Johnson, at least at this time when Republicans are tearing one another's.

    But then Johnson is In a hap- py position anyway. He Is not forced to defend himself against calamities at home or abroad because there are none in sight right now. He has no rival In sight for his Job among Democrats. Wo have a lovely puppy about 4 months old to give to someone. The mother is German shepherd and the father collie. We live four miles south and one-fourth of a mile west of Buhl.

    Or phone That's more like itt A little snow now and then is more like the April weather people expect. Our big trouble is that we usually start looking for fine sum- mer weather along about the just because our weather usually I s far, too nice for the latitu de or longitude or something. I can't help drawing a parallel between modern music and the sort of music used by the old Indians and perhaps by today's Africons to get themselves into a fighting mood.

    When you come right down to it. It all has the same sort of maddening beat, whether performed on an old rawhide tom-tom or on mod em musical instruments And isn't the effect about the same? Someone ought to find out the connection between today's "modern" music and the rate of juvenile delinquency. I'd be will- ing to bet there is a direct line between the two. But Johnson hasn't committed himself to remaining aloof once congress has gone home, he gets the nomination, and the Repub- licans go after him in the cam- paign.

    Just in case anyone has doubts, he put It this way: For John- son Is a man quite sensitive to criticism and Republicans would hop on a mishap. The rejoinder from one of the most - dedicated assistants he has brought into the White House was: It is a position that may well be unique in the history of the presidency or, at any rate. In the annals - of that office since It became a locus of, world lead- ership.

    Johnson sits at the center of power with an ap- paratus—both executive and po Utlcal — created by his predeces- sor. The President's rating in the opinion polls Is phenomenally high, with the election only six months away. In recent weeks it has been widely recognized that he has become chief executive on his own with his own per sonallty and purposes standing clear of the recent past.

    Vet, fully realizing his some- what Isolated and lonely posi- tion, he can foresee the conse- quences of direct attack on his personality, his mannerisms, his reputation as a wheeler and dealer— an attack in preparation since Issues of any significance are hard to come by.

    He can see what this might do to his rating in view of the concentration on image" and the artifices that on television have come to mean so much. This points up to a date very much in the Presi- dent's mind. With the choice of presidential candidate consid- ered a foregone conclusion the problem is what to do on tele- vision before a nationwide audi- ence for three or four nights. Aa now planned, the Demo crats wUl memorialize several of their most distinguished leaders, One Is Mrs.

    Wallace Is blowing up a storm in Indiana. The word from Indianapolis is that Wallace Is likely to poll spectacular voti In Indiana's Maj 5 presiden- tial preference primary. Wallace rattled political windows a fort- night ago In Wis- consin where po ll e d gv Johnson Is digging the ore as hard as he can to Illustrate he Is a man on top of his Job.

    He rattled off yards of figures to show auto sales are booming, more people are employed, prices are holding steady. He Is contin- ually announcing the appoint- ment of new commissions and of new people to new Jobs. In short, he Ls doing his best to stand aloof from a shouting match with Republicans, at least until the campaign gets under way In late summer.

    He Is going to need all the Republican- support. So right now, n. Johnson Is a sort of Cal- vin Coolldge of the presiden- tial race. He had succeeded a dead pres- ident and was seeking a full term for himself.

    Coolldge had a uatujal Inclination to a voi d s a y quarter of i million prefer- e n 1 1 a 1 prlmar votes. Wallace didn't win any delegates but he polled 10 times the vote party regulars predicted he would. In Indiana as In Wisconsin, Wallace offers himself as a state Tighter opposed to the civil rights bUl now pending in congress.

    Wallace does not expect to be taken seriously as a presl tng much more than "good morn- ing" or "good evening. His natural Inclination Ls to talk and talk. But up until now he's been like Coolldge on the subject World Corners stead at June. This c o r r e- spondent had Just returned from a brief vialtl to Budapest. Hungary, " and 1 h a d suggested nn n. The American diplomat made it much earlier, placing it ln- vlatlon from Manclsm-LenlnUm.

    TheJtnon was not lost upon the other satellites. In that It led to Increasing Soviet con- cessions to the rising sense of nationalism within others of the satellites. Earlier It had been suggested widely that the Russians were ready to call a council of world communism for a showdown in their continuing quarrel with the Red Chinese.

    That the Idea now seems to have been dropped Is attributed W the caution and advice of satellite leaders who attended the birthday festivities Two conclusions may be drawn, One s ls that the satellites op- pose an open break with the Red Chinese because of the faction- alism It would encourage within their own parties.

    The other la that des pite his own great power, Khrus] not entirely a free agent either within the Soviet Union or with- in that portion of world com munism which sides with him against 'the Chinese. To maintain his position, he must play a politician's role. So far as the Red Chinese Soviet quarrel itself ls con- cerned, there ls a mounting be- lief that It has gone beyond either Khrushchev or Red Chi nese leader Mao Tse-tung, and that it could not be eliminated with the disappearance of either one or both Mao, as leader of the world's most populous, communist na tlon and a veteran revolution- ary, regards himself as the log!

    Both Mao and Khrushchev quote co- piously from Marx and Lenin to deiwa. And as of today there are three kinds of communism — the kind practiced by the SovfSt Onion.

    His purpose ls to illuminate northern areas of disenchantment with the civil rights developments. Stall-Ins such as Negro lead- ers proposed In traffic leading to the New York World's Fair tend to win for Wallace votes against headstrong and overly - militant Negro leadership. These votes need not be against civil rights so much as against the methods sometimes used to attain them. For example, here la a letter recently published In the In dlana polls Times: The favorite son Is Oov.

    It is Wallace's good fortune that the favorite Demo- cratic son governor in Indiana ls rather unpopular with his own party. This was the situation in Wisconsin where Oov.

    Reynolds was less than the Idol of his state's Democrats. Daly and Latham are not taken seriously but they can't be entirely dismissed either. Oefeme ni his preference in Norenie: Bir-I ring some unforeseen develop. I ment, on that day he will jn- 1 sumably proceed to mike U I own choices In creating his on I apparatus of power. Nixon won Indiana's electoral I vote with 1. A great many are mad at Goronor I Welsh.

    Indiana Democratic lead- era are not brushing off the Wtl- 1 lace ' invasion as the Wlscoulo I party leadership was Inclined U do until late In the camptlrn. South ruffed the opening spade up dummy's king. He discarded two of dummy's hearts iarjsf led the deuce of diamonds. Resolutions oppose the dlver-. The courtesy gSrt Elmer Phillips. In- troduced Mario Campos, foreign Skbange student attending the Buhl high school, who spoke on jresnmenta were served by Mr. Usted In good condition Saturday at Magic Valley Memorial hospital, and one of the passengers admitted after the accident was released.

    Deaton, 78, Poplar Bluff Mo. He was admitted Thursday with cuts and possible head Injuries, after the crash. The truck driver, John Kerbs, 49, Alexander street, was treated and released from the hospital Thursday.

    Ethel Pcn- zenschem, Strosburg, Colo fractured left leg and cuts; C. Boise, lacer- ations, and. Helen Oarvln, 54 Nampa. Penwnschem Is a niece of Mrs. Twin Palls county sheriff's officers were at the scene of the accident Saturday trying to loc ate Items belonging to bus pas sengers which were thrown from the bus by the Impact of the collision.

    The truck struck the bus about In the middle, tearing open tlw side and a luggage comportment' underneath the floor of the bus. Guided Action power wash. Wri iaa l ai d - w-w akiar. Sunday in the Twin Falls high acbool gymnasium. Miss Castle Is the ptanlst-accord- lonlst for the band and Liddell is a trombonist. Sun- day for their performance at 7 p. Hove said the tickets will be available at the door. He said the band will stop at Sun Valley for lunch Sunday.

    He also said proceeds will be used to help pay the balance for the property the Klmberly and Twin Palls Cham- bers of Commerce bought for the Snake River Field conservation station, located northeast of Klmberly.

    Several cars will go to the air- port to meet the band and the public can also go to the airport. Hove said they are not expect- ing as many as last time but hopes for a good crowd. The members of the band will be available for autographs at the end of the performance. Tickets will go on sale at the door at 6 pjn. Only the downstairs section will be sold as reserve seats. Their coronation was the high- light of the annual Oreek week which concluded with a dance tonight.

    Robert Lehmann, Good- ing, was a runnerup. Felton, the son of Mr. Pelton, Rupert, is a senior in business administra- tion. He was the candidate of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. Miss 8mith, a Junior in psy- chology, was nominated by her sorority. Alpha Chi Omega, which she Is currently serving as presi- dent. She is a daugther of Mr. She was born Jan. Brownlee was a member of the Catholic church.

    Her hus bond died April 5, Survivors Include one son. Paul Brownlee, Mountain Home one daughter, Mrs. Rosary will be recited at 8 pm. Monday at the Thompson chapel Mass will be celebrated at 10 a. Elizabeth Catholio church by the Rev. Last rites will be held In Elm wood cemetery.

    Friends may call at the Thomp- son chapel Sunday evening, Mon- day and Tuesday until time of services. Is a system of Wagering between" spectators at a race meet with the sponsoring association acting as the "stake holder. It Is re- turned to the holders of win- ning tickets — minus a commission deducted by the sponsor. Use of the porl-mutuel betting system will be legal In Idaho this year for the first time, although It has been used In some cases in the past on an Informal basis.

    The act legalising use of the system was passed by the legislature over the veto of Gov. The act has been sharply criti- cized by anti-gambling forces who have announced their In- tention to work for Its repeal in the legislature. Smylle has said he will ask for repeal. A new organization — citizens for repeal of the porl-mutuel law— says It will poll all candi- dates for the legislature to de- termine their views on the Issue and publish the results prior to the August primary elections.

    Opponents of the act contend It will open the door to wide open gambling In Idaho. Proponents deny this, however, declaring that the system will be well reg- ulated and will help to create a horse breeding Industry In Idaho, The racing committee, headed by Boise businessman Arthur Op penhelmer, has drawn up a set of regulations to govern meets.

    It has approved dates for meets this summer In 10 communities, beginning with a one-day event In Emmett on May 16, the first of vile Reason. The last meet ends Oct. Pocatello has nine days re Under the law, H5 per cent of the amount bet Is distributed to the bettors.

    The remainder goes to the state' and the spon- soring organization. If a county fair board sponsors the race, It gets 14 per cent of the amount bet with the remain- ing one per cent going to the state. If a private association is the'sponsor, it gets 10 per cent of the betting total, with the state getting flveHper cent. The racing committee gets 20 per cent of the state's share In either Instance and Uie remain- d e r goe s Int o Use public oehool endowment fund.

    Predictions of backers of the law that the state's share would be substantial appear to be of doubtful accuracy. Malheur county, Ore,, Racing association, which has operated races for several years at Ontario, in eastern Oregon across the Snake river from Idaho, reports a total of S However, the committee says that a plan Is being set up which would provide for a portable ma- chlne..

    I cannot say truthfully that I write it without some animosity in my heart, because, I do have. It might enlighten some, however, as to just how this transfer came about It is another incident of a major company dealing with a small distributor.

    For approximately seven years I have spent many hours and much money promoting Fritos manufactured by Frito-Lay Inc. During this period records wilt verify that the volume on the item increased amazingly, to the extent that now they feel it will justify them to put their own trucks back in this area.

    Without notice to me whatsoever, they sent a representative into this area and canvassed the entire retail outlet, notifying them that I would no longer be able to supply them with Fritos.

    The only wpy that I le arned of this was by some of my faithful customers calling and inquiring. After numerous long-distance calls, etc. I might add that he absolutely could not give me any reasonable reason for this action. This all took place between Tuesday afternoon, April 21st and Wednesday afternoon, April 22nd.

    I was told that I had until Monday, May 4th until they started their own trucks to complete- ly take over all my routes. I humbly ask you, Mr. Public, as Frito-Lay is one of the largest manufacturers of snack items in the world, did they use proper business ethics in this trans action AND is this the type of company that the good people of Alagic Valleywant to have their dollars..

    Wake up your bedroom with a cheery new spread. All are carefully mode, the quitting is carefully worked, the flounces are deep and full! Fabrics are fine qual- ity in the most-wanted. Baby pink, pastel yellow, white, viking blue, brown, azalea. Floral Print to combine with solids in baby pink, viking blue or pastel yellow. Famous lnch-for-lnch flawless first quality, controlled from selected cotton to the last stitch, Penney's Nation Wide cotton muslins are always a big value!

    Penney's Nation Wide sheets have firm balanced weave, no weak spots, smooth finish, minimum sizing. Firm-weave cotton- cover filled with, snowy cotton that won't streak, elasticized edge for snug-fit, smooth making, sleeping ease! Insect and Mildew Proof! For These Big Savings sixe 43x Mondays to 8 P. Fridays to 9 P. Saturdays to 8 P. Spokane, manager of the Inland Automobile association, was announced today, aj principal. OrantCrahfeVence 1 cnair n iau, said Oullbcil will dim: Charlton, superintendent of the Idaho state liquor dispensary, has been nalned to reoei-e the high' est award of the aleobollo beverage lndnrtry, an "Edgar.

    May Col Charles A. Allard, state commander for the week, re- sorted today. But special displays and exhibits will be In place throughout the week. The Mountain Home base will observe Armed Forces day with an open house. Similar observances are planned at naval and army reserve training centers to Botee. April 25 WV— Gov. Smylie waa notified today of bis reappointment a. Elsenhower and was reappointed by the late President John F.

    The commission Is supported by a concessional appropriation. It Is Intended to be an advisory body to the Presl- Sent Snd congress on the relationship between local, state and federal agencies. The railroad has had a profound ef feet on all of our lives whether or not we are directly connected with It; the hls- forUarSy SalS In a letter to the city commission The monu- ment is located in front of the liberal arts buUdlng on the Idaho State university campus.

    It marks the completion of the narrow gauge Utah Northern railroad through this area, which In turn opened up much of southern Idaho for development. The plant will be In operation by next June 1, the announcement said, and will be op- erated under the direction of William Brldenbaugh, the company's northwest regional manager.

    The cost of the facility or the number of worker. It wlU employ were not disclosed. Boise Cascade's container division general manager, said the plant will be located adjacent to the company's paper mill - in Salem.

    Carver spoke to the Idaho Tuberculosis association, which ended its two-day convention Saturday. Johnson Isn't going to be left helpless. He comes up with, "war on poverty, " which could really bring him votes unless the people wake up to the real facts. Our foreign aid has put steel mills all over the world, and also aluminum, textile and most all kinds of Industrial plants.

    Also, we have trained people in those countries to operate them. So, In a short tune those people turn out great quantities of products. Now, these people, to progress, must sell a large quantity of tnese goods or' must export. Why, America, of course. But America has high tariffs so they can't sell here. We will help them out.

    We lower or do away with our tariffs so tlney can dump their goods here. So that Is settled nicely, except for the lnaur moun table fact that our work- ers can't produce cheaply enough to make It possible for us to op erate on a paying basis. Result, our mills shut down and- our people are out of work. The foreigners can dump goods in America, with tariffs off, so cheap we must shut down. According to President John son, these people thrown.

    They are already highly trained, so the only rem- edy Is to give each of them, as a start, f 1, dollars and support them In Idleness until, we get brains enough to put our tariffs In force again and let our.

    Prescott's pony sale at Prescott's sale ring. Twin Falls group Is hostess. I was born, raised and schooled In the age of scarcity. The building where we attend ed school was only one room, but we did have desks. Our posses slons were a slate, pencil and a one-cent tablet. The pencils need- ed to be cut In half so that each child In the family could have a pencil. On occasion a child reported one at Iris or her possessions missing.

    Then she walked over and returned It to Its owner saying, for us all to hear, you children must learn to take care of your property; some folks have taking ways.

    Now I read where they were going to close the Bobby Baker case without revealing the de- tails to us. Can It be that too many of the folks on Capitol hill have taking ways? Forgive them, they know not what they do. Lefiettraiuiat comply with the laws of libel and slander and must be In good taste.

    No pseudonyms or pen names are permitted; all let- ters must be signed with the true name and address of the writer. Length of letters will be limited to words. Longer letters will be returned to the writers. The survey crews will be flown to the Denlo, Nov. Jerry Leeper will be the other pilot. He will survey the Isolated areas until June You real' ly do. There is nothing new with your attitude here. This was your old theme song before the last elec- tion.

    They rejected It most def- initely. I do not believe many of them have had reason to change their minds. Sir, we finders tand as well as you. However, I think there Is a much better method of doing this than a salts tax. We have Just had a reduction of federal Income tax. Don't you think It would be much more appropriate for Govern or Smylie to call a special session of the legislature, and have them take up this slack? This should give us enough money to catch up the bills for a while at least?

    By doing It this way everybody will be paying bis fair share ac- cording to his ability. This looks much more Just to me than a sales tax which would put most of the burden on those In the low sen Income group who can afford It least. Bow about It you good constit- uents? April 25— "South Pa- cific" has been chosen as the theme for the annual Junior class prom which will be held at 8: Friday at the Cassia LDS stake recreational hall.

    Music for the affair will be furnished by the Dance Men orchestra, Burley. A floor, show honoring the senior class mem- bers will be given and the high- light will be the presentation of the high school-keys to the sen- iors by the Junior class members. Eden Woman Chides T. Such narrow-mindedness is cer- tainly not very commendable. My attention has been caned to a letter recently published. The USDA purchased and dis- tributed a total of cars of ap- ples of which four cars were pur- chased from Idaho growers and Included all the apples offered from that state.

    The only apples distributed In Idaho were apples grown In Idaho. April 25 — Dale Chatterton, local school teacher, has his right foot In a cast after injuring ligaments in a fall.

    Chatterton slipped on a ladder while helping Junior high school students decorate for their' Junior prom. Stanley Larson was substi- tute teacher for Chatterton this week. These farm- ers seem to think that damage to Make yours a Keds family!. Shame on them I Such short- sighted 1 n d 1 v 1 d"u a 1 s probably haven't even considered the many advantages of having a big four-lone road at their doorstep. Well, maybe you'di better ask someone else about them, you see. I'm one of those narrow - minded, selrish, short-sighted people who opposed - locating the interstate on route A.

    I'm still protesting, but It hasn't changed anything. However, Changes might have been possible If the Twin Falls county farmers had cooperated with. Perhaps none of this protesting would now be necessary. S, J4S Highland avenue. Hostetles had stopped for rtop sign at Second avenue and Seventh street south. Police reported Harold G.

    Police Investigated a two-car accident at 4: They- reported an, unknown ve hlcle pulled out of a drlve-ln on lOmberly road and caused Orlfle E.

    The truck skidded Into mother lane of traffic, colliding with a Pontlac driven by Ullle J. Evans, 43, route 4, Buhl. Claude Durnell, 84, Flier avenue, was cited for leaving the icene of an accident after a two- car crash at 2: Thursday on Third avenue west. He pulled Into another lane of traffic and collided with a Mercury driven by Joanna V. Smith, 65, route 2. Police investigated a two-car accident at 2 pjn. Thursday In the block of Third avenue north.

    Funke, 49, Third avenue north, told Investi- gating officers he backed his Nun from his driveway and started west on Third avenue north when some books started to slide off the seat. He reached for them, letting his car wander to the side of the street where It truck a properly parked Ford owned by Noral Meyers, Third svenue north. Police investigated a minor ac cldent at 2: In the parking lot of the Twin Falls Bank and Trust company.

    Friday at Ft la avenue east' and Maurice street. They reported Dennis D. After the crosswalk was cleared, Swope proceeded. They are ahown here at their home IB Aber- deen, S. The other two, Jimmy and Mary Anne, have dif- ferent appearances and are believed to "have developed from Individual eggs, Jimmy Is shown In the center.

    The girls weren't Identified. April 25 Wl— A menacing cloud that lurked on the economy's horizon was whisk- ed away during the week by the ending of the railroad strike threat. Under prodding from Presi- dent Johnson, rail management and union officials compromised a stubborn disagreement over work rules. Congress reluctantly intervened last summer In a phase of the dispute Involving locomotive firemen, decreeing ar- bitration, but other aspects of the controversy festered on.

    Laid aside finally was the pos- sibility of a coost-to-coast roll tie-up that the President said would have idled six million workers, cut back the gross na- tional product 13 per cent and forced, a general price rise. The economy, In the 38th month of the longest postwar upswing, is likely to have reeled downhill. A second fruit of the settle- ment was a recognition that even extremely bitter conflicts Involving abolition of many Jobs can be made to yield to collective bargaining.

    Adjustment of the dispute ap- peared to be on grounds a Uttle closer to the original union po- sition than management's. By one reckoning, the rail- roads will gradually realize about million dollars a year of the million dollar reduction they sought In payment made for services they said were unneeded or not rendered. On the other hand, the overall settlement eventually will cost the unions elimination of 30, or more Jobs provided under ex lstlng rules. About , men are employed on major railroals.

    Overshadowed by the dramatic White House announcement of the rail accord was a swelling stream of handsome reports by businesses on first-quarter prof- Its: Humming auto assembly lines brought production for the year so far to Just short of 2. April 25 — A mine exploded Saturday near Dhala, close to the Yemen border.

    It killed one British officer and wounded two others. Two Arab soldiers traveling in the vehicle were also wounded.

    But months after Marls led police to the gang's lonely hide: This will be paid In full only after the loot Is recovered and the case Is closed. Marls and others who have helped along the way are In lor a long wu. Fourteen men have been Jailed for terms totaling more than years.

    The thieves have been stripped of much of their glamor and the English courts have shown their determination to stamp out blg-tlme crime by the sternest measures at their dis- posal. The raid last August on the night mall train hurtling through sleepy Buckinghamshire en route from Scotland to London pro- duced one lasting tragedy. Engine driver Jack Mills, 57, was badly beaten around the head. Leniency would be a positively evil thing. Five others drew terms of up to 25 years, while two more men were Jailed for shorter periods at a later trial on receiving- charges.

    The main trial exposed the gang not as talented amateurs — the sort of people Britons often appreciate — but as hardened crooks. Ony- two of the 12 —. The" convicted train robbers, took their secrets to prison r wlt: Jti wltfi" rls Key bre search for tho remnants of the gang and the hidden loot. The farmhouse, windows had been blacked out- Marls told tne police of Mis suspicions and they swooped.

    The" gang had fled but the farmhouse was covered with finger and palm prints that Jed to several arrests. At all drug stores. OO 33c CUP - 1. Because of the confidence you placed in us, we were able to win in national competition with all the Maico dealers! Please feel free to contact us at Maico with any questions or problems regarding your hearing aid needs.

    We wijl be looking forward to seeing you in tjje not too distant future and to serving you for many years to come. Bho wai reelected four times, serving from to Kenworthy was riven special recognition at the Country Wom- an's club 50th birthday anniversary party held at the home of Mrs. The group's birthday cake was decorated with roses and silver leaves and was centered on the refreshment table.

    A scrapbeek was displayed at the party containing a list of all past presidents, photographs, clippings and a complete list of all members belonging to the group the past 50 years. All yeaf books ever compiled by the group also were displayed. Allen, left, and Mrs. MeClaln both served as presidents of lb group and always have been active members.

    Uba AUen, Twin Falls. Birdella McClain, as she reviewed the history of the Country Woman's! Memories, almost forgotten, were brought into focus as Mrs. McClain, as- sisted by Mrs. Nora Lewis, related the happenings of the past 60" years. A large photograph of Mrs. Carrie Harp- er White, who organized the club April 16, , and was the first president, was displayed during the program. This group was meeting even before 1Q14 Aa pnrly ah a group of wom- en west of Twin Falls was meeting semi-monthly to study Sunday school lessons.

    The club movement grew on the tract and in this class was re- organized and the name Country Wom- an's club adopted. White was elected the first president and was reelected four times, serving from to Members were very surprised as Mrs.

    McClain displayed all the year books ever compiled by the club. Glancing through these year books showed that the club always has taken a deep interest in all public questions and has taken an active part in all charitable and philanthropic work. Further study of the year books showed that in August, , the Coun- try Woman's club joined the rural fed- eration as a charter member and in April, , the group- joined the state federation.

    In the club voted to suspend in- dividual membership and to join 'the state and district through the rural federation. Delegates then would be sent to the conventions in turn by the various clubs.

    Times- Home improvement programs by the county home demonstration agent were used beginning in McClain, as she remem- bered how club work was discontinued during World war I and the time spent in Red Cross and relief work, with many extra meetings being held for this. Through the years the club made r garments for the Boise Ch il- dren's home. This group joined witTP the federation in donations and gifts for foreign countries.

    The club is pro- viding used clothing for needy school children, distributed by the local at- tendance officer. Welfare work for included boxes of fruit and clothing to the Boise Children's home and cash donations to the Cancer fund and Idaho Youth ranch. In June, , members voted to re- sign from the general state and dis- trict federation.

    Members of the group thought they could not continue with the expanding federation programs. This was with regret by members, is they felt the federation was doing a great work and they were glad to con- tribute and be a part of the organiia- tion.

    In reminiscing of the birthday an- niversary observances, Mrs. A scrapbook was displayed contain- ing a list of all past presidents, photos, clippings and a complete list of all members belonging to the group the past 50 years. The scrapbook showed some of the annual events sponsored by the group, including Garden day, annual lunch- eons, club dinners for husbands ana guest days. Educational programs in- cluded history of our country, state and foreign possessions, study of depart- mental club work as outlined by me federation and book reviews.

    We are not able to take part m activities of the club as we once aw. Nevada Dowd, Mrfc Mrs. A Fauchner, Boise; Mrs. George Klein Orangevllle, and Mrs. Perry Dodds, editor of the Idaho Register, will speak it 3: The unit president's class of In Btructlon" will be held at 8: Pontifical low mass will be held at 10 a.

    Brunch will be served at the Rogerson hotel at The general session will be held at 3 p-m. Nell Clabby, Welser, moderator, and Mrs. George Keller, Idaho Falls; Mrs. Ralph pettlnger, Emmett; Mrs. Sullivan, Mountain Home; Mrs. Martin Hoebelhelnrloh, Rupert; Mrs. Nell Sweeney, Lewlston; Mrs. Herbert Erlckson, Coeur d'- Alene; Mrs. Oeorge Zeller, Wal- lace, and Mrs. Echevarrla, chaplain, New- man foundation, Idaho State university. Dinner will be served at 8: A spe- cial address will be given by Bishop Trelnen.

    A bishop's re- ception will be held at 8 pm. Mass, for deceased members of ICCW, and a buffet breakfast will be held at 8 a. Ed- ward's school auditorium. The business meeting will begin at 9: The mother of the year presentation will be given. Walsh, diocesan director, will give the address. Closing remarks will be given by Bishop Trelnen.

    Fashions were furnished by the J. Penney company and mod- eled by senior high school girls. Louise Kinney Is president and Mrs. OUle Scholes Is secretary- treasurer.

    Financial reports were given and plana were made for members going to Portland for the national convention. Refreshments were served by the cooks from the Blckel school. The next meeting will be a din- ner meeting May 18 at Kay's Supper club. Officers will be In- stalled. Innum- erable blends of miracle fiber T U h natural fibers.

    Which nap on a car- et Is best? The choice Is yours. Make one of our carpets the firm foun- dation for your decorating ttheme. Gordon Tobln, left, outgoing worthy matron, to Mr.

    William Orange, newly installed worthy patron and matron of Magie chapter. William Grange were Installed worthy patron and matron for Magic chapter No.

    Other officers Installed Include Mrs. Floyd Pollard, treasurer; Mrs. Normnn Webb, conductress; Mrs. Howard Ehresman, associate conductress: Donald Brown, chaplain; Mrs. Donald Sonlus, marshal; Mrs. Edna Fonda, or- ganist; Mrs. Robert Black, Adah; Mrs.

    Barbara Nyblad, Ruth; Mrs. Al Ourley, Esther; Mrs. Ireta Irvine, past grand lecturer of Utah, Lynds chapter No. Salt Lake City, was grand Installing officer.

    She was assisted by Mrs. James Catterson, past matron, Magic chapter No. Helen Wilson, asso- ciate grand matron, grand chap- ter of Utah.

    Utah, grand In- stalling chaplain; Mrs. Oucsts Introduced Include Mrs. Ireta Irvine, past grand lecturer of Utah, Lynda chapter No. Job's Daughters; Iris Good. Iowa; Lou ella Sherer. Swedenbarg, Salt Lake City. Refreshments were served by Mrs. David McClusky, co-chair- man; Mrs. Larled Jen kins, Mrs. Margar- ette Knull and Mr. High scores for women went to Mrs. Vance Pulsipher, first; Mrs. Berkley Griggs, second, and Mrs Ed Churchman, third. High scores for men went to Otto Caldwell, first; Carl Pollln.

    Traveling prizes went to Mrs. Odell and Jack Judd. Ed Churchman, Je- rome, and Mrs. Stella Crowe, Twin Falls. Host committee members In- clude Mr. Zim- merman, chairmen, Mr.

    April 25— Officers were elected for the Civic club at an afternoon meeting. Paul , MefibeCff, vice president; Mrs. Rcfd Newby, sec- retary, and Mrs. Dale Chatter- ton, treasurer. Of- ficers will be Installed at the May club luncheon. Marvin Pearson reported for the nomi- nating committee. A letter was read from the Federated Women's club regard- ing a monument being erected In memory of women who lost their lives during service with the armed forct-s. The local group voted to donate to the fund.

    Ger- ity and Mrs. Newby were author- ized to go ahead with the river fencing project In the city park. They reported on types of fence available and costs of Installa- tion. A report on the art and poetry contest was given and Mrs.

    Chat- terton reported on the district convention. Charles Hansen reported on plans for the luncheon. A silver offering will be taken at the luncheon for support of the Memorial tower and the Idaho Youth ranch. Tanaka, program chairman, Introduced Mrs. KlnseyAvho spoke on cltl- "rn 'fhbrBi.

    The state federation conven- tion Is set for May 6 through 8 ut the Rogerson hotel. Final plans and the program will be completed at the next reg- ular meeting.

    The card committee reported a card had been sent to Mrs. Hanna Peterson, who Is 91 years old. Marvin Custer, program chairman, conducted contest games, with prizes going to Mrs. Pete Austin and Mrs. The Wednesday meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Mildred Bevercomb It was -noted -that- Mrs.

    Post presidents Include Mrs. Greetings were read from Mrs. Twin Falls, and Mrs. April 2a — Mem- bers of the Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service made plans to sponsor a girl to the school of missions to be held July 6 through 10 In Cald- well at the College of Idaho when they met at the home of Mrs.

    Clyde Hughes was co-hostess. Jack Dunn directed the lesson, "The church's place In a woman's life. William Kerner led devo- tional services.

    Marvin Pearson, president; Mrs. Wandell Elliott, vice presi- dent; Mrs. John Thomas, secre- tary - treasurer; Mrs. Florence Gage, sec- retary of Christian social rela- tions; Mrs. Clyde Hughes, secre- tary of literature; Mrs. Jack Dunn, sec- retary of promotion; Mrs. Rus- sell Scott and Mrs. Eddie Tanaka, secretary of supply work, and Mrs.

    Robert Ballard, secretary of youth work. A get-well card was sent to Mrs. Scott volunteered to clean the church during June. Kathryn Bayllss and Mrs. Reba Ochrlg were guests. Members turned in funds raised by Individual projects for the building fund. The next meeting will be held May 20 at the home of Mrs.

    Ballard Is In charge of the lesson. April 25 — An April shower theme was used In decorations for the Merrlcttcs Bridge club meeting held at the home of Mrs. Prize winners are Mrs.

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