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  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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3 major reasons:

Your Turns THC in #3: Stomach CBD into Myth



  • Your Turns THC in #3: Stomach CBD into Myth
  • The internet is full of nonsense ‘cures’ for cancer. Don’t be taken in
  • #2: Using Marijuana as a Sleep Aid
  • It's certainly no secret that CBD oil, in all of its "cannabis-derived" goodness, packs one hell of Myth #3: CBD Turns into THC in Your Stomach. One of the major health benefits is using CBD hemp oil for pain relief. evidence around its ability to help with pain relief, in the same way that medical marijuana is. #1 PlusCBDoil; #2 ghid-supraveghere.info; #3 ghid-supraveghere.info quality CBD hemp oil for sale, and most importantly what the truth and the myths are around it. The word is out: CBD can improve the lives of patients, and do just as Myth #3: Cannabis Makes You Lazy . many people are turning to CBD to ease their hangover pain. With my declined tolerance and the exhaustion of two three- hour My stomach appeared settled, though I was slightly hungry.

    Your Turns THC in #3: Stomach CBD into Myth

    Here's a fun fact. There is a red dye that was taken out of rat poison because it was known to cause cancer. They took it out of the rat poison just in case another animal eats the rat that ingested the red dye. The idea here is that the animal that ate the rat doesn't develop cancer from the red dye.

    If Cannabis caused lung cancer there would be warning labels on everything from Cannabis you buy at a medical producer to the Hemp oil you buy at the health food store, just like the ads on cigarette packs. Use simple logic to guide you beliefs. Marijuana doesn't cause any long term harm to the body. Smoking Marijuana is know to have negative effects on cognition.

    Effects include difficulties with attention, problem solving and impaired judgment, decision-making and ability to learn. This is utter nonsense. Cannabis does not affect your brain or any of your organs in a negative way. Science has proven this time and time again.

    Cannabis is actually know to protect the brain, and helps all of your organs to function properly. Cannabis is know to restore cognitive abilities , the exact opposite of what they are saying in Myth 7. Cannabis filters out what isn't important, and helps you focus on what is important. Cannabis affects the way you focus.

    This so called short-term memory effect isn't permanent as this paragraph suggests. The short-term memory effects of alcohol are permanent. Here is something everyone can relate to. I went drinking one time many years ago in Ottawa I woke up in my car in the morning with no pants or underwear on.

    My wallet and my keys were on the passenger side seat. The only thing I could remember is that I went to the bar across the road from the apartment building I lived in. I could not find my pants anywhere, in or around my car. Needless to say it was awkward walking up 16 flights of stairs to get to my apartment with no pants.

    To this day I still cannot remember what happened that night. Not once did I smoke Cannabis where I did not remember what happened the previous evening. If Cannabis has negative effects on cognition, attention, problem solving, judgment, decision-making and ability to learn, why do the most successful people in history smoke Cannabis?

    They smoke Cannabis because she is a teacher, and a performance enhancing drug. When I was a teen why did I ace every exam in high school when I was baked out of my mind? Using Marijuana and then driving isn't as bad as using alcohol and driving. While the effects differ from alcohol, it similarly impairs reaction times and the ability to concentrate on the road. All of these impacts are crucial for driving as motor vehicle.

    I have no idea why this is even an issue. Sadly I did talk to a psychiatrist a little over a year ago about Cannabis and he told me "The only thing that is stopping the psychiatry community from accepting Cannabis as a viable medicine is the fact that we don't know if you can drive a motor vehicle properly while high. You can relate Cannabis to alcohol, even though the effects are different and not similar as this paragraph suggests.

    The difference between alcohol and Cannabis is, the Cannabis user is more focused on the task at hand. Cannabis is a stimulant not a depressant like alcohol. A well known effect of Cannabis is it makes you more careful. Cannabis makes you slightly dizzy, but in a good way.

    Your brain compensates because of this dizzy effect which makes the user more careful. This anti-dizzy effect of Cannabis is what relives nausea. This is why Cannabis is prescribed to people that are going through chemo therapy that experience extreme nausea.

    Cannabis users are know to drive way too careful and slow. Driving too careful can be bad thing Colorado legalized Cannabis In The Washington Post said " Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows.

    If you drink alcohol and drive it does not mean you will get into a traffic accident and the same goes for Cannabis. Cannabis is a stimulant not a depressant. I don't think anyone should get really high and drive, however the chances of a really stoned driver getting into a traffic accident are almost nil. A really high user is more careful as I mentioned earlier. Cannabis doesn't make you violent and brave like alcohol. Cannabis makes you cautious and slightly timid.

    Time to pop another real world situation on you. Do you think the most successful rock musicians in the world can play the way they do if Cannabis impaired their cognitive abilities or coordination? Yes they use other drugs as well and maybe at the same time as Cannabis, however there are many musicians that are just plain old pot heads.

    Playing guitar takes a huge amount of coordination and driving a car is easy in comparison. I could add links here all night. Do some research for yourself and never trust just one source of information. Keep in mind you will find information sources that say the exact opposite of what I am saying here. It all boils down to whom you rather believe. Always remember there will always be people that have an agenda to keep Cannabis illegal.

    Warn teenagers to not smoke Cannabis at too early of an age. If you have a history of mental health issues, don't smoke Cannabis. Don't smoke and drive. I tired Green Crack shatter and it wasn't for me. I had a very bad experience. The problem isn't that Cannabis is bad, the problem is that teens may not have the proper knowledge to use Cannabis wisely and when to stop using it if they have bad experiences.

    Smoke Cannabis that has a low amount of THC ie: A good comparison is if you have no experience drinking alcohol. Posted by Michael Wilson at 9: The last time I had to renew my prescription was not fun. I am sure this type of situation does not happen in a large city, however it happened where I live.

    Although I could not officially find the reason why there are no doctors the government clinic informed me: It is not legal to talk to a doctor over Internet to renew a prescription. I explained to the clinic that my medical information documentation belongs to me and that they have no right to refuse to either send the documentation to me or the Cannabis producer. My Cannabis prescription was about to expire and I had to find a way around this problem.

    Sure doctors get paid to fill out forms all the time. If you get injured at work, the doctor has to fill out WCB forms.

    It is Health Canada that pays the doctor's fee, not you. Or at least why does this situation even happen? Our Canadian constitution does not exclude Cannabis as a medicine, nor does it say that I have to pay for the right to use it as a medicine. The answer is simply money. Health Canada will not pay the doctor's fee, you have to.

    I used the Partners Program through Tweed. I sent my own copies of my medical documents to Tweed and setup an appointment. I wish I could do this for visits with my family doctor. I also like the fact that the doctor was on time, no waiting forever because the doctor is backed up with patients.

    I prefer buying my Cannabis from a medical producer because I know what I am smoking. It is interesting that I had to go though all this when i have had my prescription for a few years now. It was worth it in the end.

    Recently I had surgery on my left leg. The swelling was very bad from my knee to my foot. The pain was unbearable as you could imagine. Naturally I had to take some kind of painkillers to make my situation more comfortable. Hydro Morphine is what was prescribed even though I get very bad side effects for opiates. At the time I did not care about the side effects that opiates give me as I needed the pain to go away.

    To give you an idea of how bad my leg was swollen and how much pain I was in, I could not sit on a chair, because of the constant throbbing pain. Even with morphine I had to lay down most of the day with my leg up to reduce the swelling. After a few weeks the doctor told me that I cannot take any more morphine. What was even worse is that I could not take any anti-inflammatory drugs because that slows down bone growth.

    Fortunately there are alternatives to taking anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers for someone in my situation. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and pain killer in one. As soon as I got my order I tried it out in my vaporizer. Within a few minutes the throbbing in my leg stopped. It felt as through the pressure in my leg was gone, like popping a balloon. In general traditional pain killers like opiates, cocaine and asprin makes the nerves numb that are causing the pain.

    Actually your whole body is numb because the painkiller cannot target the problem area. This systemic effect is what gives you that dopey feeling. This system is responsible for all of our body functions, from breathing, heart rate, pain, swelling and your immune systems response. Endocannabinoids are produced by your body. I have very debilitating muscle spasms at times.

    I used Spectrum Cannabis Green Tweed I got some instant relief right away but the pain didn't go away. CBD is the new morphine. Posted by Michael Wilson at 8: Cannabis , CBD , cbd and inflammation , health food products , injury , medical marijuana , medicinal marijuana , pain , swelling , the new morphine. I thought it would be a good idea to write about what Cannabis can not do to you, instead of the wonderful things it can do for you.

    It seems to me that not many people actually know the real reasons why you can never OD and die from consuming Cannabis. Reason 5 Why Cannabis will never kill you is: Cannabis is the most non-toxic plant on earth. Cannabis is the only plant on earth that has all of the nutritional value as a one plant food source. Every part of Cannabis is edible. Reason 4 Why Cannabis will never kill you is: Cannabis will never contribute to a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

    It has been well known for many years that Cannabis has many medicinal effects. Cannabis dilates blood vessels and arteries, essentially doing the opposite of what nicotine does. The dilation of blood vessels allows more blood flow, allowing for faster healing process and puts less strain on the heart. Cannabis will never cause cancer and in particular, lung cancer.

    Cannabis smokers have a one fold less chance of getting cancer even with traditional pipe or bong high does chronic use.

    Cannabis opens up the airways in the lungs. It's no big surprise to know that folks that have Asthma, smoke Cannabis Reason 3 Why Cannabis will never kill you is: I've read many times in articles that people get a stiffer possession charge because they have a concentrate of either Cannabis oil or Hashish. Cannabis is the most non-toxic substance on the planet. Even with high doses, Cannabis can never kill you. A very interesting example of this fact is the Shafer report was a real world comparison to see how toxic our most common substances really are.

    Cocaine has a 2: Heroin has a 3: Even Alcohol has a ratio of Cannabis has a ratio of , You would have to eat or smoke some insane amount of lbs in 15 minutes. Even though the study showed that Cannabis was not harmful, it remains in schedule I in the U.

    Reason 2 Why Cannabis will never kill you is: In the case of drugs like cocaine, the brain is flooded with dopamine. When dopamine levels become toxic, the brain will shut down to save its self Cannabis keeps dopamine levels at a constant and normal level so coma can never occur.

    Reason 1 Why Cannabis will never kill you is: It never affects the part of your brain that controls breathing and heart rate. The part of your brain that is responsible for this called the Medulla Oblongata , or called the Medulla for short. The Medulla is the lower half of your brain stem. Mobsters would say" give him two in the back of the head.. Many drugs pharmaceuticals as well affect heart rate and breathing.

    Morphine depresses breathing and heart rate, while Cocaine will make your heart beat very fast. Cannabis will never affect the Medulla so that breathing and heart rate will not stop.

    Posted by Michael Wilson at Cannabis , cannabis is non-toxic , Cannabis oil , concentrated cannabis , five reasons why cannabis will never kill you , health food products , medical marijuana , medicinal marijuana. Monday, June 30, Nationalizing Medical Marijuana. The Conservative Government is taking away your right to cultivate the most useful plant on the planet.

    The Conservative party stopped all legal grow-ops in April of , under the guise of eliminating crime associated with illegal grow-ops. Legal and illegal Cannabis growers don't have guns to shoot the police, they have guns to protect themselves from the crime that Cannabis prohibition has created. Legal and illegal Cannabis growers have different methods of security to protect themselves from those who may use fire arms to rob them. Is Nationalizing Medical Marijuana a step in the right direction?

    Will recreational Cannabis be nationalized as well? If the answer is no then there will always be an illegal Cannabis trade for which there will always be crime. If money is an issue, then Medical Marijuana patients will go to the illegal drug trade as an alternative.

    This flaw in the system will allow illegal Cannabis producers to cash in by selling Cannabis cheaper than the Canadian Government. All are known carcinogens so why leave tobacco and alcohol legal substances when both kill so many people every year? If I have the choice of what way I would like to get cancer, why can't I choose the way I want to prevent it?

    In actuality our government does the opposite of what is needed. Here is an example: This means that LSD has more medicinal usages than Cannabis. Why prescribe Cannabis to a cancer patient if it is so dangerous and causes cancer? What are we stupid? I asked my family doctor this very question. No my friend the War on Drugs is control of useful substances like Cannabis. Cannabis is just one piece of the big picture, of government deception.

    In all of this will change, when Cannabis will be legal across Canada. Way to go Justin Trudeau. And if Cannabis can prevent and cure cancer why can't healthy people use it? Should we only have pity on those who are terminally ill? Can you even imagine the billions of dollars that would be saved every year, if we started using Cannabis oil to treat cancer any form instead of VERY expensive chemo and radiation therapy.

    Well one person did exactly that. His name is Rick Simpson. For those who do not know, Rick Simpson is a pioneer when it comes to curing cancer with Cannabis oil. Rick has his own very successful website called PhoenixTears. Rick even called the Canadian Cancer Institute to tell them of his success. Of course they did not take Rick seriously. Rick gave his oil away at little or no cost.

    Rick has not lived in Canada since See this is what our government does to people like Rick Simpson and Marc Emery. We are slowly being Americanized. Do you ever wonder why the colours of the Conservative Government are red white and blue?

    Cannabis presents almost no toxicity and cannot lead to an overdose. The only answer to this question is the money that is being made by Nationalizing Medical Marijuana and not decisions based on intelligence. Seems to me that Cannabis is illegal in Canada for recreational uses, because of political agendas and not what the majority of Canadian citizens have demanded and science has told us. The majority of the North American people want Cannabis decriminalized.

    Since , science has only fortified the fact that Cannabis is non-toxic and very helpful for every bodily function. The Conservative Government is loosening up possession charges up to an ounce of dried Cannabis, and at the same time making illegal cultivation penalties stiffer. One month in jail for every plant you grow. It took me 3 years to convenience my own family doctor at the time, that Cannabis prevented migraine headaches and that Cannabis can be used for a variety of illnesses.

    My family doctor would not sign my exemption card papers even though Health Canada provides a disclaimer form for the doctor to sign. I think doctors are scared of being sued and losing their license.

    The main reason for this is the perception that Cannabis can cause lung cancer. It is true that Cannabis has the ability to cause lung cancer however, so is sitting in front of a camp fire.

    Any combustible substance that results in a carbon molecule has the ability to cause cancer. Cannabis smokers have a one fold less chance of getting lung cancer than people that do not smoke tobacco or Cannabis. Cannabis is doing what it is intended to do as an anti-cancer medicine.

    Unless recreational Cannabis use is nationalized as well, then this whole system is as useful as the gun registry!!!!!!! Canadians will remember what a huge waste of money that was. The Canadian Constitution grants me the right as a Canadian Citizen to use whatever medicine best suits my needs. No where in the Canadian Constitution does it exclude Cannabis or say that I have to pay for the right.

    Why should I have to pay for the privilege to use Cannabis? My Constitutional rights to use Cannabis supersedes the Cannabis laws!!! The Canadian Government counts on its citizens being ignorant to this fact and throws you in jail. In actuality it is the Canadian Government that is breaking the law by enforcing Cannabis laws and prohibiting people from using a useful substance.

    Seems to me that Health Canada should make it free for anyone to get an exemption card prescription since the system is fundamentally flawed to start with. Essentially Cannabis laws should not be enforced. The North American people have given their government 35 years to fix a problem that never existed.

    There never was a big enough problem with Cannabis in the first place to warrant making it illegal. In the U. Why not use its scientific name Cannabis?

    My spin on this is: A little know fact: Marijuana has nothing to do with Cannabis. Marijuana is a tobacco smoked by Mexicans. So the people would demand to be protected against the new killer weed. While Cannabis remains illegal in Canada for recreation use, countries like Uruguay took the right approach and legalized it. Way to go Uruguay!!! We should focus on the positive effects, since science tells us that Cannabis does not affect the brain and all organs in a negative way.

    People have died using synthetic THC Maranol and its legal. No one has died ever smoking Cannabis and it's illegal!!!!! Have you ever heard this saying: However this is mainly because it is the safest non-addictive illegal drug to use, and it is healthy for you at the same time.

    Cannabis is safer to use than drinking coffee. What this all of this boils down to is Cannabis works too well as a medicine. The only reason for nationalized Medical Marijuana is so the government can now capitalize on the revenue that will be generated from over-priced government controlled Cannabis.

    If it is legal for the government to grow it, why the heck cant I grow it myself? Here is another flaw in the system. Cannabis seeds are and have been legal to purchase in Canada for a long time now.

    The reason why Cannabis seeds are legal is because they do not contain high levels of THC. THC is the substance that makes Cannabis illegal. We know vaccines work from decades and decades and decades of experience. That is why I got my Shingrix vaccination this year and get my annual flu jab. Also got my TDaP this year. You can post as many explanation marks as you like, but your emotion is not working, and certainly does not make your argument work. And there is your complete ignorance on full display again Petey.

    What the hell do they teach you in naturopathy school? They prevent the vaccinated from getting the disease and the field study for the 1st polio vaccine is a classic and proved conclusively that the vaccine prevented polio. Of course, true to form, you deflect away from the question, with some idiotic statement and ad hominem. Again Tommy, present an argument, that shows that vaccines cured all those diseases alone, without any help from environmental factors, over the last say 70 or 80 decades?

    Only someone with zero understanding of immunology thinks vaccines cure. They prevent disease and that has been firmly established except in the minds of those who engage in magical thinking like vitalism and the magic water of homeopathy. Again, just reinforcing my previous point, that you are a simpleton, and know nothing about medicine and biology. My word, you do shoot yourself in the foot, and in many cases, such as now, shoot yourself in the head.

    You keep proving my point that you know nothing every time you ask about vaccines curing diseases. Again, provide some evidence that vaccines alone eliminated diseases, without the help of environmental changes. Gee Petey, if hygiene eliminated smallpox then why does the military need to keep a vaccine on hand to deal with the possibility of its use as a bioweapon?

    And why did you keep asking about vaccines curing disease? Vaccine efficacy denial is one of the most obvious proofs of the intellectual bankruptcy of naturopathy rivalling the belief in the magic water of homeopathic products. You cannot answer a simple question? No, but instead you create a smoke screen, which is to hide your ignorance and stupidity, by asking me questions that you cannot answer yourself.

    And one other thing, it just highlights your black and white view of the world, which includes medicine and biology and disease processes. What is it with you and your demands? You are making the claim that flies in the face of documented, accepted medical science. I can hardly wait. No, you are sealioning. We know vaccines work. An evaluation of the poliomyelitis vaccine trials: Am J Public Health.

    We have animal studies were animals are vaccinated and directly challenged with the organism that prove the concept. We have decades of immunological research. We have success stories in animals as well as people rinderpest.

    So you are the one that has to provide some good, verifiable studies debunking vaccine effectiveness. Good luck with that. Handed you one of the most definitive studies ever done. I said to you, provide some clear-cut evidence that there was no environmental changes involved, in helping prevent the spread of diseases, over the decades that vaccines were implemented. Better hygiene helps but the vaccines are the reason for the disappearance of smallpox and the impending disappearance of polio.

    Vaccines are the reasons that measles, mumps, and rubella outbreaks are news in the western world. Thanks to vaccination those diseases may well go the way of smallpox and polio. I posted my reply to you, on another thread, because every time I post here, it gets flagged as spam. Once again, the opinion of a simpleton, who admits, through omission, he has no understanding of medicine and biology, let alone the history of diseases.

    Provide some statistical analysis, and least make an effort and provide some links to backup your argument.

    What exactly was the sanitary development leading to this, Petey? Let me lecture you, Petey. Looking at the mortality of a disease tells only half the story. The morbidity is what counts, Petey. Petey, you can not even distinguish between cure and prevention. You have proven that over and over, Petey. A naturopath not knowing this difference.

    The ultimate incompetence, Petey. Still waiting for you to substantiate your crazy claim of being a peer-review scientist with 25 years experience. More demands from the sea lion.

    You are a proven liar and a charlatan. Not holding my breath. There is a naturopathy school? Mike, bilking people is a skill that has to be learned and practiced. Mostly, vaccines prevent disease, not cure them. The only people dim enough to fall for your childish tactics are those as dim as you, ie antivaxxers.

    Back in reality, you have no evidence for your claims. Starvation is a problem of food distribution, not medical science. You constantly make incorrect claims about false equivalence and then make a case of clear false equivalence.

    You are truly clueless. All thing laid in waste when certain types show up. Who or whatever he is, there is no need to win over his cold heart and closed mind. Olivia Newton John recovered from cancer recently. I am so sorry for you. It is obvious you would rather she was dead. You have no idea what I like, I certainly have no wish that anybody die of any disease, you remark is just the vileness expected from charlatans who make claims but have no evidence.

    You also have no idea what I think about the pharmaceutical industry. So you are, from your comments, just another silly idiot. Please do reply, you will only confirm what I said.

    Hiya Alexander, not so much a welcome back as an, oops, I got terminal cancer. I am trying any possibilities while the rest of the forum are happy encouraging me to die. They are excellent at kicking crutches. They even ignore lots of evidence to do it.

    I have never come across such a load of sick people in one place. Hope you are doing alright. Once upon the time, a Greek in the US had a terminal cancer and went back to die in his childhood village on an Island mountain, meeting his old friends and life style.

    He planted vegetables in his garden, while he knows he will not harvest them. His return to a Normal Life and Food cured him totally.

    The only advise I can give you is to live with seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. I am enjoying daily delicious Muscat grapes, skin and seeds have to be chewed. A farmer was coming daily with a cow for the milk… https: I saw my oncologist today who gave me the all clear to do the various proven protocols I have been researching. She quietly mentioned that there has been a large success rate with Apricot Kernels and the Budwig protocol.

    Officially, she is not allowed to know anything about it. She does know it can be beat. Yes, that was what he claimed but as he cannot distinguish an oncologist from a biochemist, he could have got that from his local witch doctor.

    She has had a second recurrence of metastatic cancer, having had conventional medical therapy previously times which included mastectomy and radiotherapy. Currently she has spinal metastases. She has undergone Photon Beam therapy, a conventional therapy that uses gamma radiation produced by a linear accelerator. Of course, she has also used some complementary therapies, although these will not help in any way other than as supportive psychological therapy.

    She is doing well. Thank heavens for medicine and science! Except you will still deny it all. Evidence is in the form of peer reviewed properly published results of comparisons between treatments.

    You have consistently refused to provide any, the conclusion is that you do not have any. I always find it amusing that anybody who exposes your lack of evidence for your claims is asked to go away while a lot of your ilk are screaming that they are censored. Thank Zeus that in rational society it is universally accepted that the person making the claim has a duty to supply the evidence supporting it.

    Otherwise it is assumed they are talking out of their hat. You are demented for asking for it. I have given you loads yet you are not intelligent enough to look at any of it. You are a waste of time now pretty please Go Away. You have nothing that I want. They are not trying to attack an individual belief. They are trying to piss off the sane people here on this forum as their sick form of fun.

    Never have I come across such sick individuals. I have finished with them. He certainly has an unhealthy fixation on excrement. More evidence of his arrested development and emotional immaturity.

    It was interesting that the moment you were asked for evidence you immediately resorted to insult. And you are incredibly ignorant to ignore the evidence I have given.

    Still no intelligent comments to answer I might as well sleep now. Except you always do anyway. I have never ever mentioned anything to do with vaccines or anti vaccines.

    It all lives in your sick little imagination. Now please be a good little boy and go away. Sorry, you are a nonsense alternative nonsense pedlar with no evidence and the usual pathetic insults and lies. Lying rancid trolls who like to stir trouble, enjoy the annoyance they cause, too much. You are a lying antimedder who with little education thinks that a book constitutes evidence.

    You have the arrogance to also think that you have an unfettered right to spread your misinformation. Until you start to honestly debate with evidence you will be treated as a fool. To be treated by a fool by an incredibly ignorant fool is quite something. Be a good little boy now and go away. It would appear that you never went to class. You are quite right. He is like an annoying fly you want to swat. Who the fck is Griffin and what does he have to do with me?????

    Nothing worse than sick lying trolls who invent non existent scenarios. But you always will. Lucky the world has you to point out who the cranks are. Or could you be the crank? You seem to hate intellect. What is it with this subset that never reads back through their comments? I had never heard of Bob Beck. Thanks for the information. I just looked him up. Yes, his methods were used by one of the greatest oncologists we have ever had.

    She is one you must know. Glad your amused again? You need to clarify your point if you have one. The difference is that medical doctors have evidence of their ability to cure people of cancer.

    When you put your big-girl pants on. Well that is your choice. Try proper grammar and adult language if you want to be taken seriously. Acknowledgement is the Path to Admission. Admission is the Accepted Price of Entry. Acceptance is the Path to Understanding. Ignorance is the Path to Knowledge. Heh… This takes me back to reading the Principia Discordia.

    That was an awesome book mainly because it was full of the sort of nonsense that HempShare wrote above. It does seem, sometimes, that all these science deniers are arguing from the same book. It has been going on for too long. We are suggesting there are flaws all around and medical consensus only means best practice. Vaccines, being undeniably unsafe are still used because no better option exists. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. A Prison per se.

    Complete and Utter Stupidity. In the past, Imbeciles were Euthanized after three 3 generations. What else do you need Karin? The medical FACT that the 5 year survival rate for cancer on chemotherapy is 2. The FACT that the Einstein College of Medicine now ADMITS that chemo SPREADS cancer;Tte indisputable PROOF that frequency can cure cancer see Royal Raymond Rife who actually shows cancer cells under the first microscope powerful enough to see a living cell and BUILT by Rife being destroyed by frequency , the front page news articles between the s and of the top medical professionals in the US lining up to get their photographs taken with him and giving him accolades for the number of people he was curing of cancer, the New Zealand farmer whose family forced the hospital to give high dose vitamin C intravenously when he was about to be taken off life support and who is now back on the farm… What else were you wanting?

    Surely you have more than that? I have doctors in several countries buying Rife machines from me and finding that cancer that was not responding to your beloved chemo, is being removed by the machines.

    How many clinical studies did it take to agree that bullets in the brain would kill Karin. Damn you HAVE to believe in evolution because people are becoming dumber by the day! Your reluctance to share any published independent peer reviewed studies to back your claim makes me doubt very much that you are any kind of credible scientist.

    You asked for a lie you have told. This is a big one. Since you are so clearly dishonest and a stalker I am going to block you. Why does it have to be chemo alone? Adjuvant therapy is more effective. The medical profession have been too lazy, blinkered and willfully ignorant, to contemplate any other methods of treatment. We should be talking about cure. There are multiple cures that are already used. Throughout this thread I have shared examples of highly effective Cancer Treatments, many which have cured a large proportion of patients.

    Do you want me to paste them all in this box? Or are you able to scroll through the threads to find them? Doctors do not believe things. They make decisions based in scientific evidence. Your language belies you. And no doctors claimed that chemo alone treat cancer necessarily. Please share your evidence. I have shared multiple examples of completing permanent cures that are evidence-based. I am living proof that Chemo cures Cancer, had Chemo in , saw the specialist last April and he told me that I longer have to see him, Proof enough for you?

    The Einstein College of Medicine believes it does. Read the summary you provided. I will concede that it raises some interesting questions about that particular cancer. I note it also included a strategy to prevent what appears to have happened. I will read the actual article when I get a chance. Not a very good score methinks? Do you have any evidence that shows Chemo is responsible for spreading Cancer?

    Not the done thing old boy…. Kemo is very well known to spread cancer. You call other people ignorant?????????????? But I enjoy it when he actually shoots himself in the foot, which is a regular occurrence. By giving very small amounts over time or with a patch.

    Basically Homeopaths were already doing it, but Mainstream Medicine is stealing its thunder while doing the same thing. You have just revealed your lack of understanding of both how immunotherapy works, as well as how Homeopathy is supposed to work. They are not the same by any means. I have tried to find information that backs up your claim, even though, really, that is your responsibility.

    Can you please explain how the dosage used in immunotherapy compares to the dosage used in homeopathy? OMG small doses over time to desensitize. Mainstream Medicine is now claiming success even though homeopathy has previously done so.

    Its a rather simple exercise. What is the specific dosage used in immunotherapy, and how does it comparesto the dosage used in homeopathy? Must be some trick shooting when his foot is in his mouth and his head up his arse. Sort of a pro-vac game of Twister. Little Tom thumb has actually blocked me, can you believe that? Can you believe it?

    He was trash talking me to others on these forums, and when I responded, he claimed I was stalking him! What a pithy little tactic… where he was trying to claim the high moral ground. Well Tom Thumb did strike up a close relationship with Joe. Although, it was a relationship of Convenience, because he needed the stupidest guy on these threads to help out with his argument that I was stalking him.

    He defends Pharma by denying adverse reactions are anything but rare and mild and of course one in a million vaccines. You cannot call yourself a scientist and show such an appalling knowledge of the scientific method. Those babues are WAY to clever and tough for electonics eh karin? OMG karin — you are an obvious posterchild for the pharmaceutical industry. I was IN new Zealand when Dr Milan Bryck came up with chemotherapy and was kicked out of the country by the medical profession for what they called the stupidest idea imaginable.

    So he went to Fiji to continue his work where one of the pharmaceutical companies realised there was an absolute TRAINLOAD of money to be made from it and they are SO powerful that the very group that kicked him out now HAS to offer chemo as the primary treatment for cancer.

    You are getting desperate to bring him up. He was barred from practicing medicine because it was found that when he claimed he was studying medicine at Brno, he was actually in jail. He moved to the Cook Islands where a nearby cemetery was nicknamed the Brychyard because it contained so many of his dead patients.

    Then onto America where he was convicted of practicing medicine without a licence. You support dangerous frauds. The evidence about the effectiveness of chemotherapy is incontrovertible. But that is wholly irrelevant. I already posted one study from the Lancet about people such as myself who are surviving in high rates because of chemotherapy. Mortality has continued to decline each year since , and in , overall deaths from cancer have declined despite the larger and older U.

    In , the rate of decline actually doubled. Whereas half of this decline is due to prevention and early diagnosis, the other half is largely due to advances in cancer treatment, much of it due to the inclusion of chemotherapy in most treatment programs.

    Wow — ok — maybe I DO need to go back to school! Wait, you were in NZ when the idea of chemotherapy came up in the s? And was tested by: Totally unbelievable and easily debunked, but cool for the sheer scale of the bollocks. Dumber than a sack of doorknobs but amazing at picking an choosing. Yes, I do believe I do need an interpreter. Did I say anything about spelling? Someone else pointed that out.

    Did I say anything about the opinion of the medical profession? I put it in bold to emphasize that you thought chemotherapy must have been a radical new idea at the time. My opinion on any such doctors who scoffed at the concept of chemotherapy at the time of Brych?

    They were extremely remiss in keeping up with reading medical literature. Or did it take 15 or more years to get the most recent medical journals to NZ? Did I say anything about you supporting Brych?

    Confusion seems to be your default attitude when you are replying. Did I say that it was ridiculous that everything you wrote pointed toward your belief that Brych came up with the idea of chemotherapy? Brych was all of about 4 or 5 when the initial chemotherapy experiments were tried. Oh dear — that must have been exhausting.

    Why else would you take two months to respond to my post. No, not selective reading, just accurate reading. Here is what you stated: That is how it was presented at the time sweetie — that Brych and that is how I spelled it the first time , had created it.

    His pet cancer quack Brych had a cemetery nicknamed after him, he had killed so many of his clients. That website does not qualify, for anything, except for sheer lunacy and extreme medicine mongering, disease profit-making.

    Here is another example of you dismissing an article without having read it, and without evaluating The credibility of the writer. Have a look again at the author before dismissing it. There is no profits made off that publication and there is nothing lunatic about the writer.

    This is the study that cites the meds that happened to save my life. The study looked at 10, women, and randomised peer reviewed trials, over 40 years. It was a meta-analyses of long-term outcome among breast cancer patients. There are no more definitive ways of coming to a scientific conclusion than this.

    Standard chemotherapy regimens, using older drugs, halved 2 year recurrence rates and reduced recurrence over the next 8 years by about 33 percent.

    Chemo treatments with lower doses were less effective. What is your brilliant analysis of the flaws. Be specific and cite specifics. That 1 percent claim has been debunked repeatedly https: Too hard to read? Try this by a scientist who reviewed that data https: All that Metabunk do is provide data to debunk. This is what they cited. Dr Holt was perhaps the most notable doctor using it in Australia.

    He retired around 10 years ago. NO side effects karin — imagine THAT being treated and not vomiting your heart out, not losing your hair, not having your intestinal flora wiped out, not… well the list just goes on and on. Wow, it took you ten whole days to come up with that? I have the medical statistics Karen — I learned some years ago that the alternative therapy brigade lies as much as the medical profession so i research the medical papers as well.

    I would like a forum where if a claim cannot be substantiated, the posts with the claim are deleted. That would be fantastic. And it should be substantiated with credible science, not some random cherry-picked study.

    It is from PubMed Med. Karin it is fuckwits like you that make me think Sharia law is NOT going to be such a bad thank after-all. My unfamiliarity with this vapourware has nothing whatsoever to do with what i was trained in.

    You must be so proud of your argumentation skills. All that, and still no basic scientific citation. First year BSc students learn how to that. It was a highly aggressive advanced stage cancer that was defeated by chemotherapy. Sorry to disappoint you. I would never wish that on you. The disease is horrible, the treatment is really unpleasant. So you DID have cancer and you are one of the 2. Well good for YOU.. But yes… I try my best but I ultimately lose it.

    And thank God there are a growing numberwho are doing that. And evidence of success??? And what if it. Welcome to the Cancer club, thanks to real medicine that I am still here, and yes the Chemo is awful, I had 24 weeks of it.

    Actually if he ever gets Cancer I hope he goes to a Homeopath for treatment and then he will see how he goes. Not that you would believe even THEM if i did. Yes but try brushing your teeth once in a while — it might help with the stink around you….

    I come back here ONLY for the entertainment now. I would just stand back and watch them flay you alive. Set up a proper scientific study. Set a falsifiable hypothesis. Get your data independently gathered and reported. Publish in a credible peer reviewed journal. Have a good life and enjoy your pharmaceuticals. I know because I live in Australia, so stop lying,.

    Mate you need to do YOUR research. Hundreds of Aussies and thousands more worldwide did die from the flu last year, Tagman. And it wasnt H1N1. God MAN wake up! Wakefield has not been exonerated except by some lunatics. Wakefield has tried to sue the BMJ twice already.

    It is a major source of income. He begs money from his only demographic, antivaxxers and then quickly withdraws, pocketing the excess. The judge was not amused by this tactic. It is interesting that an antivaxxer goes on belief. Others go where the evidence leads and the evidence shows that Wakefield is an unethical fraud.

    If I put it as a series of posts with only one word would THAT help or would you like me to find a four-year-old to explain it to you? Gee I thought you were against slagging people accie?

    And your assumptions are almost as great as your level of stupidity. And your point is? Two things, for example: No — too stupid to figure THAT one out eh mate? What are you talking about? Of course you make money from healthy people — what the hell do you think income tax is? Are you going to claim the CDC prosecuted Wakefield next? Oh, doctors and pharmaceutical companies DO make money out of people who are in good health Sudy?

    I never woulda figured. Yes, income tax is paid to the government and one of the things that government then pays for via taxes is the NHS. Either way they win. They get paid whether you live or die. No, the health industry is not making money in the UK from managing illness rather than curing it. As for the rest, evidence please.

    And it is your research to back up your claim that you made yourself. Mate — engage your brain for a moment. If the medical industry gets paid by the government for every person they treat are they making money out of it or not? And if they treat more people then does that not equate to more money?

    Jeez the math is pretty straightforward mate. DAMN I need a coffee — my head is spinning trying to grasp this one. If you get rid of the assumption that everywhere operates a for-profit healthcare system; everything becomes much easier to grasp.

    The government sets a budget for the NHS. Everything comes out that budget; drugs, wages, beds, linen, food, every hospital thing comes out of that budget. And even if they cured every disease and illness known to man; people would still have babies, right?

    Sudanese — you are making no sense at all. Do you remember the magazine name even or anything I can search for? Third, what has what other people do or not do got to do with backing up your claims that you made yourself? If you remember any phrase, you can just google that. And they get their money from taxes — one of those taxes is the income tax.

    It is pathetic how, despite years and millions of cases of evidence of the effectiveness of vaccines, all that the anti-vaxxers still have to hang on to the rantings of one single hack, who was completely discredited. And there are know facts to back up his claims.

    Stupid is as stupid gets as they say. Tell me, how many people died from measles every year in the U. Please note I said Wakefield, not Walker-Smith or anyone else. Please note I said magazine and not journal or newspaper. Tagman, why on earth do you think it is my research to back up your claim that you made yourself? Then why, when challenged to back up your claim that you made yourself, did you tell someone to do their own research?

    Actually, the burden of proof is on you. You have to prove that each of those ingredients is a neurotoxin. And you would have to prove that they are in a high enough dose to cause anything negative. Again, you are proving your lack of knowledge when it comes to the scientific method. You make the claim, then you have to prove it. You cannot prove a negative. You have to prove that those are toxins in the doses that they are injected. And I already answered you.

    Your question is nonsensical. None of the constituents are toxic in the doses found in vaccines. And aluminium and mercury are not toxic? There are at least 5 things wrong in that single sentence… I think that may be a record, even for the internet nutjobs like yourself. He was never exonerated — you are referring to a case where one of his co-authors appealed the GMC charges and had them dismissed because the court was informed that this doctor was misled by Wakefield.

    He did threaten to sue the British Medical Journal for calling him a scientific fraudster. He was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the GMC.

    Perhaps you get confused by 3-letter abbreviations? This should be good…. Awesome — I just KNEW it would — congratulations — now you have something more worthwhile to do with your time. I can compile a list like you, without evidence like you, I could say that I am a scientist. I think you are all B. I do answer any reasonable, intelligent question anyone asks me, but yours was clearly complete nonsense, and it has previously been answered anyhow.

    The constituents are not toxic at the doses found in vaccines. Explains a LOT — thanks man! I did not see you ask that question. Despite the projection that cancer will cause the deaths of one in four Canadians, cancer mortality rates have been declining since their peak in Over the past three decades, deaths due to cancer have fallen by more than 30 per cent among men and by about 17 per cent among women.

    Longer lifespans, less deaths from other causes. Cancer is still primarily a disease of aging. Canadians are living longer than ever before and are less likely to get other diseases. Cancer is still mostly a disease of aging. Are you claiming all science has been repeated on a large scale?

    And claim every possible situation has been studied to that extent? Not so mild, natural remedies were outlawed and jail was the answer to numerous doctors because of it.

    You seem to be oblivious to corporate corruption. I suggest you stop spreading lies. Debunked by whom Mike — the industry that makes the most money ffom maintaining the staus quo? And you call ME a liar — have you looked up the information re the guy in NZ mike?

    Not one published study. They do the same trick with parental reports about a child regressing and becoming autistic after a series of vaccines.

    They fall all over themselves and froth at the mouth blubbering about anecdotes. No I needed to let you and your team know just how completely stupid AND hypocritical you are.

    You must be blissfully aware that any positive study on the removal of cancer carries jail time. Care to provide some proof? Oh, and your vitamin c claims have been disproven https: NCBI cannot be relied upon, to give impartial, unbiased objective information regarding alternative methods. NCBI is a source of multiple Publications. It is eminently credible. So you going to ignore me? This is the man who is an uber troll himself, and has nothing of value to add to these discussions.

    And remember, he had his disqus account wiped because of his barrage of abuse and trolling. I happen to get called a troll, because I am willing to be patient, and mount a cogent and intelligent argument as to why, as we enter the third Decade of the 21st century, the medical profession has failed in its duty of care.

    Good luck to you. But I think if we can change the minds of people like Karin, then it will be much easier for us to expose this nefarious industry, which is purely based around profits, prestige and politics. Ever notice Karin these studies are loaded with suggestion, supposition, exaggeration, bias, opinion and conclusions by the author who found what he looked for? Are you going to expect to see Coca-Cola publishing positive analysis regarding their rival, Pepsi?

    Also, Ford publishing positive analysis regarding the safety and efficiency of the cars from General Motors? You get my picture. My point is, that mainstream medical organisations, are a total anathema to alternative practices of healing and treatment, because they see them as a rival for profit and prestige. Read up on Taxol, for example. A movement that once encouraged democratic participation in the development of health policy now eerily echoes the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

    I have met some stupid people in my life but even collectively, they could match the dumbarses in here!! Oh and here is the puppydogs tail wagging again… woohoo. Often bare faced lies is used to disprove facts. They even go to war and kill people to disprove facts too. And you should stop spreading manure mike. Every time you open your mouth enough shit comes out to fertilise a grow-op!

    What is their real knowledge on the subject? Whose payroll are they on? Anone who will not grant credibility to the medical side is a fool — like that idiot who let his son die up here, but anyone who thinks the medical side is the answer to all is equally stupid.

    Diagnosed with brain Cancer in , thanks to modern medicine I am still here and doing well. So much for your 5 year survival rate. Actually there was 10 of us getting treatment together and 8 of us are still here 13 years later.

    Hooray for modern medicine. The vast majority of women who I got to know in chemotherapy are still alive and well. There is tons of evidence that people are living longer than ever on chemotherapy. I already chose to share one source with Tagman.

    I think he needs more. Surely you are curious about what caused yours. Even a quick search suggests chemical exposure and gene mutation not inherited. Are you man enough to apologise for calling me a liar? He is no man, he has no morals, he has no integrity, and when beaten resorts to name calling equal to a four year old.

    Technology has now proven the existence of the meridian system used in acupuncture — took us all this time just to prove they were right haha. They want you to button your lip and take your treatment then leave. According tothe Chinese, every disease that is not pathogen or injury related has an emotional background.

    Yep — attitude for sure. Largely caused by bad diet. Monsanto would also shove in their carcinogens by way of GMO pesticides. Go bang your head on the White House and tell them to take their glyphosate back. Some of those so called nonsense cures come from the greatest oncologists we have ever had.

    You dismiss them very easily but you have already pre decided. I would not dismiss all the alternatives. I had cancer 13 years ago only given weeks to live, firstly i would warn everyone to question the doctors on why they recommend treatments.

    A hospital full of surgeons will only recommend the knife. My Cancer was in the bladder and the doctors said the only cure was the removal of the bladder. I had the tumor removed and radiotherapy after taking a second opinion. I also paid for an alternative therapy.

    Organic vegan diet with supplements, no stimulants like coffee, tea or booze. I became very fit walking 10 — 15 miles every day. My doctor told me i was silly talking to anyone else. Most doctors after 7 years training receive a couple of hours training on nutrition, and think about it your own doctor telling you getting fit is not a good idea. You have not told the stage and staging can be mistaken , but how do you know that all that organic if it was organic vegan diet had any effect?

    Not boozing and active lifestyle are good for general health, but youu have no ways to prove they had any effect on your cancer. Funny I say the same thing about cancer patients doing chemo! So why do hospitals give patients sweets or sugary morphin!? Each wave of new treatments came with so much promise, then we quickly learn the limitations. This is a history lesson the CAM world often misses. I live and work in Seattle, an epicenter of the organics movement. Was cannabis being used with vegan foods?

    I know cancer can be cured if protocols are followed, like type 2 diabetes, something doctors still say cut out white rice and bread when fats are the cause and vegan diet, minimise oils when cooking people get better. Watch this film about his research of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. The National Cancer Institute acknowledged the anti-cancerous effects of cannabis.

    You may also be interested in the research of Dr. Guillermo Velasco and Dr. They published research in that showed how tetrahydrocannabinol THC induces apoptosis in glioma cells. In they demonstrated THC even works with chemotherapy to kill brain cancer. You can read more about Dr. There is much more to this discussion, critical information that has seemed to escape the awareness of the author and many commentators.

    The NCI citation does not conclude any clinical effect of cannabinoids on cancer but there may be an effect on side effects caused by treatment. Apparently you missed the mark as well.

    There are a number of animal models that are pretty compelling as well as countless anecdotal testimonies. It is not as if this is anything new…modern scientific methods are only confirming what previous generations had already discovered.

    To date there have been thousands of studies both animal and human, demonstrating the efficacy of cannabis for treatment of everything from inflammatory disease to psychiatric issues. By the way I never claimed that cannabis cured cancer or that the studies I referenced were proof or evidence that cannabis kills cancer cells, despite the fact their are humdreds and dozens of correlative studies being conducted in China, Spain, Israel, the U.

    Stop with the straw men arguements and we may just have a productive dialogue. There is no excuse for not having a basic understanding of the endocannabinoid system. And please do watch the film The Scientist I posted.

    This is what you wrote: Arguments from antiquity get no traction except as marketing claims, blood letting was used for millennia as well. You clearly did not read the material I provided nor the corresponding peer reviewed studies. The NCI did in fact acknowledge the anti-tumoral effects of cannabinoids. In another study, deltaTHC, deltaTHC, and cannabinol were found to inhibit the growth of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.

    Activation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid type 2 TRPV2 has been shown to inhibit proliferation of human glioblastoma multiforme cells and overcome resistance to the chemotherapy agent carmustine. Their are cannabinoids found within the plant which work synergistically. Our bodies were created to consume raw cannabis. It is the single most essential nutrient in the natural realm. Cannabinoid defeciency is one of the leading causes of all illness and disease.

    You can keep your mustard gas, cannabis is the future of medicine and especially cancer treatement. You must be a Big Pharma shill or poorly educated on this subject. What always amuses about claims such as this are comments about existing treatments which of course are just more marketing fodder and are irrelevant. However, its worth pointing out that if a treatment had such paucity of evidence as you put forward not only would the alt medders be complaining but qualified doctors and scientists too.

    No it is not promising but the disease states are complex and treating with a complex mixture of chemicals introduces many variables. So lots of wiggle room for people to carry on making claims. James, i would have thought that the they would be looking for a systemic response. If pharmaceutical companies thought there was sufficient activity they would modify the molecule to make a patentable product.

    The internet is full of nonsense ‘cures’ for cancer. Don’t be taken in

    When edibles are consumed, THC transforms to the metabolite hydroxy-THC in the liver after it has passed through the stomach. This produces a more. Cannabis edibles – should you take them on an empty stomach or after food? As usual, I turn to science for the answers. . After a meal, the 'total THC' to CBD ratio was about 3 at the time of peak blood concentrations. . It is a myth that Sativex (used in this study) and similar formulations actually have. Learn more about some common CBD myths and facts. CBD has been shown to counteract the sedative effects of THC, with 3 to 5 mg of THC may require 30 to mg of CBD to produce similar results, if they can be achieved at all. it actually turns down their activity level, causing a mild to moderate.

    #2: Using Marijuana as a Sleep Aid



    When edibles are consumed, THC transforms to the metabolite hydroxy-THC in the liver after it has passed through the stomach. This produces a more.


    Cannabis edibles – should you take them on an empty stomach or after food? As usual, I turn to science for the answers. . After a meal, the 'total THC' to CBD ratio was about 3 at the time of peak blood concentrations. . It is a myth that Sativex (used in this study) and similar formulations actually have.


    Learn more about some common CBD myths and facts. CBD has been shown to counteract the sedative effects of THC, with 3 to 5 mg of THC may require 30 to mg of CBD to produce similar results, if they can be achieved at all. it actually turns down their activity level, causing a mild to moderate.


    The earliest recorded history of Cannabis 3rd millennium BCE: Chinese. Emperor Irish Doctor Studying in India, used to treat stomach pain and vomiting in.

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